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And It begins...

JUNE 25th 2015

VERSE OF THE DAY: (Also the Verse for the wing on my arm) :) 

Isaiah 40:31

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. 



Happy Thursday! Im super excited to be starting this blog. Its been a while since I’ve really spent sometime typing on a  computer. I am getting better but I still type with my two index fingers. Somethings never change from high school. 

So when Lex and I were in Grand Cayman for the CayFilm festival last weekend, I kept having the urge to write. I literally had a craving to type something long. I wanted to see a white document on my computer with tons of letters on it. (I have interesting thoughts.. just wait) We got back to the hotel and I remembered that I had bought a domain. LexLos.com about a year ago. I had been meaning to set it up but just never got around to teaching my self how to build a website. I decided to spend the day yesterday building a rough version the website.. and BOOM! Here we are! 

My goal is to write as much as possible but who knows what will happen! As you will learn I sometimes get caught up doing too many things at once. I have trouble focusing on ONE thing at a time. My wife will tell you the same thing : ) 

Another thing that happened today was giving ZERO to Lex’s sister Krizia! We love both of the cats but I don’t think these two are able to be in the same house. Zero is so dominant and Zira just wants to chill. He would pick on her and they would have a constant battle on who can pee in the most spots around the house. Yes you read that right. They would compete with pee. If any of you have smelt cat pee you understand that is absolutely unbarring and nearly impossible to remove the smell from ANYTHING. Spoke to Krizia this morning and he is loving his new pad. She said that he is in heaven and just lounging around. She left to work this morning and did not want to lock him up so she’s trusting him on the first day with full range of the apartment. (Ill let you all know how that goes)...

This morning Zira has been amazing! She has been going in and out with Sydney and Lex. She literally just lays by Lex outside next to the pool. Should we see if she likes the pool? Zero likes the water.. not sure about Zira. 


 Beautiful ZIRA 

Beautiful ZIRA 

Well well well what do I have planned for this amazing Thursday? We are going to try and get a soul cycle in at some point today. I really love it! Ill be real and say its not the cheapest thing. I wish they had a monthly membership like a gym. So I think we will stick to the 3 or 4 times a month for now. If you have the opportunity to try it i STRONGLY recommend it! 

Alright well for my first blog post I think I’ve done well. Im trying to figure out how to end this post! I want to just keep going and going. Oh yes! I remember what I wanted to say! Were getting a new puppy next week! Lex really wanted another dog. And Sydney needed a fried! We get her on WED or THURS and we could not be more excited. Ill be posting some pics ASAP.


 Love you all! God bless!

Until the next post!