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2015… Wow! What a year. I don’t even really know where to begin. It was a year filled with so many seasons for me personally. Saying Goodbye to some friendships and allowing those seasons to pass… but opening the doors to new ones. There were some growing pains that were necessary and only stretched and strengthened me. 2015 was a year of growth. So much growth. I feel stronger… I feel more courageous… I feel more confident in who God made me to be… I let big walls down… All in all… the blessings that God poured in to both Los and I help us shed things that were holding us back and allowed a new light to shine within us! 

There wasn’t that one “aha” moment… I think there were hundreds. So many eye opening moments last year! 

One thing in particular that stands out is the “Adventurers” trip that we took. Holy wow! Talk about a change of perspective. I came back from that trip changed. I think we all did. Being away from the busy-ness of life allowed us to listen… to really see… to really take in and enjoy where God had us. We would all sit out on the net at night and have mini Bible studies and encourage one another. Then we would just fall asleep out there! Under the most incredible stars. You would hear the ocean and it was just so peaceful and amazing. My heart get so full thinking about it. 

(I want to go into every detail about that trip… but that may be better served on separate blog! So many things to write about!)

Now, there were many amazing events after this trip… but the biggest one would be joining “Dancing With the Stars”. Talk about life changing! You have no idea what you are signing up for. You think you know… but you don’t. 

I remember when Los and I first got the phone call. It was not something we ever thought we would be a part of… but we kept feeling this tug on our hearts that we needed to do this. The more we prayed on it and thought about it… It just became clear that this was where God wanted us. WOW WOW WOW! 

This was an experience unlike anything I have ever had before. It was tough… it was scary… It stretched us… But it was the biggest blessing we could've ever asked for! For Los and I… we are so thankful for the journey that we were able to have on this show. We really feel like we were able to use that platform to share so many things about our Faith… our strong and beautiful marriage and who WE are as individuals. 

Something I love about “DWTS” is how positive the show is. There are so many reality shows that focus on the drama and the negativity that is happening… but this show is about the journey UP! And lifting people and growing people. It is one of the rare shows that does that. This was the first time I really realized that there weren't many positive marriages on display for america to see. What you hear about in the news and media are the “divorces” and the marriages on “the rocks”. It wasn’t until couples started writing in and telling us about how our marriage helped renew a spark in theirs… or how seeing that our love for Jesus was affecting them to search and seek out God did I even realize the impact that God was allowing us to have. It was the most fulfilling thing for us to have. To know that we were being used as a light for peoples lives. For Los and I… our faith is everything. And we are excited about it. And I think sometimes for people to see that… they don’t really know what to do with it. Sometimes they think it’s weird… sometimes people think you're crazy… but sometimes people get inspired! Here is the best way I can describe my excitement for Jesus…

When you go to the movies and you watch something that is so awesome and blows your mind… you tell people right? But you don’t just say it in a “Yah, this movie was cool.”(Monotone voice) kind of way. You are pumped… you are telling people “Seriously, that movie was awesome… YOU HAVE TO SEE IT. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!” 

THAT is how I feel. It excites me… It pumps me up! It’s like I am at a Miami Heat (favorite!) game and I am cheering them on!!! 

So to be able to have that experience with my husband and for people to be able to see our excitement for God and each other… I couldn’t have asked for anything greater. God provided in such a great way… and we didn’t even realize it right away!!!

So… 2015 put a new light within me. A spark that will never die out. And I hope it did the same for you! I hope and pray that as you enter this new year it will be filled with seasons of great growth… great understanding of who you are in God’s eyes and who you are called to be. We are all so incredibly special and each of us has the potential to be great… will you step out in your faith this year and be BOLD enough to do what you were created to do? To be Bold enough to believe that you have purpose? 

Los and I want this year to be our BOLDEST year yet…. Our most successful year yet… A Year where we strengthened one another and gained so much knowledge that it’s pouring out to everyone! 


So here is to our Boldest year yet (2016)! 

- Lex