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No "one" journey is the same...

Ohhhhh how the comments can bother me sometimes. How is it that ONE person can just frustrate you enough to write a blog about them? I am not talking about people who just say mean things. I can usually put those aside. I feel confident in who I am and the journey I am on… my biggest issue usually comes from fellow “Christians” who constantly feel the need to correct everyone. Instead of being a light and trying to lift people up… they try to find the fault in your journey and criticize your every move. Gosh it can be so disheartening. 

I want to make something clear… Everyone will have their own journey with their faith. The goal is to constantly be growing. We will be tested… we will fail… but we CAN and WILL get back up again. Is anyone perfect? Nope. Only one was and is… Christ. And the journey is to follow Him in all our ways. But that is much easier said than done! I have to constantly give myself over to God several times a day. 

(Example)                                                                                                                                        “God please work on my heart. Clear my mind. Help me lead with the Spirit and not my soul. I repent for and release anything that I am holding on to that is not of you. Purify my thoughts in Jesus name.”

Now, I understand where fellow Christians are coming from. We are to hold each other accountable… we are to be honest with one another… But I also think there is a FINE line to this (especially when it comes to faceless comments that anyone can post online.)

I have this friend… We were having a conversation just yesterday about faith. He is someone who is curious about Who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him. One of the things he said to me was this :                                                                                                                                                 “ I just have a problem with how people have explained to me what being a “Christian” is. I feel like everyone who talks to me about it just sits on the pedestal like they are better than me and judge everything I have done and do. It just makes me want to stay away from it. It just seems like a bunch of arrogant finger pointing people.” 


Oh boy. Okay, I am fifty fifty on this and heres why… Sometimes when people hear about things that need to be changed in their lives it’s easy to become defensive and overly sensitive to what they are hearing. Now, the other side is this… there is a fine line between trying to be helpful and loving with someone and just flat out judging them and being prideful. THESE are the people holding the crazy picket signs, ranting on Facebook, blog posts, twitter etc… and being hateful instead of loving. If the point is to live as Christ-like as possible “Where is the love?”. Now, not all Christians are like this… there are extremists in every religion, culture, workplace, family etc… but unfortunately it’s usually the ones that misrepresent the “belief” the most that get the attention!

Now, to bring it back to my friend. He is genuinely curious and interested. He sees the journey that my husband and I are on and wants to know why we are happy. Why we live life the way we do. Why do we love the Lord. Thank God he is still curious and asking questions. All it takes is one person to turn you away. One person! . 

I just want to live life to it’s fullest! And I believe that is in Christ. But I am never going to put people down who don’t believe what I believe and who don’t have the same walk that I do. All I can do is be loving and the best example that I can be. And maybe… just maybe that affects people in a positive way. I am so tired of bullies. Especially when it comes to beliefs. It is such a sensitive area in peoples lives. It is not an easy journey but it is the most fulfilling journey we can have. So to be encouraged is so important!! As opposed to being told what you're doing wrong or how you need to live.

I write whats on my mind and on my heart. Please try to understand the points I am trying to make as opposed to dissecting what I am writing. I just want to be loving in all ways. EVEN (if not ESPECIALLY) to the people who frustrate me. 

I love all of you and thank you for your continued support and love! 

May God shine his wonderful light into your lives! 




 Photo by Izak Rappaport 

Photo by Izak Rappaport