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Did I win?

The last few days have been ALL about the power the ball! Just about every person I know played! It was every discussion and constantly on everyone’s minds! 1.5 billion dollars… just up for grabs. ANYONE can win. SOMEONE has to win, eventually. Now during all of this… I found some of the most amazing conversations. Strangely this “Power Ball” excitement allowed me to get to know people a little better. Hearing what they would do with the money was so fun and exciting! People basically spilling their dreams and plans if they weren’t in the restraints of their lives. (We are going to get back to this). It was always so fun to watch the dream! The What if!!!! But the one thing I found with SO many people was this… after the dreaming… after the fun talk and excitement… they followed up with the words “It will never happen” or how “impossible” it would be to win. What an interesting thought… you play the power ball in hopes of winning… but you have no real belief that you COULD indeed win. Firstly, SOMEONE has to win eventually… And in some cases (Like this one) more than one person gets a share of this insane blessing! So I guess what I want to talk about is “the power of your words” and the “mindset” that this “power ball” got us all in to!

Let’s start with the mindset. It was so exciting talking about having no restraints as to what you could or couldn’t do financially. With 1.5 billion dollars you could really do just about anything you want. But it’s that mind set that I find so interesting!!! Why is it that it takes having all this money to allow your dreams to be bigger? Or to feel confident and better about yourself?

I learned such a valuable (if not the MOST valuable) lesson over these last few days. WE HAVE ALREADY WON! Question, how would you walk in to work tomorrow… or walk through your neighborhood… or deal with the people around you if you just won 1.5 billion dollars? (Let’s presume that you are keeping it a secret as you don’t want people to hound you for cash and you are still figuring out how to claim your winnings). When people treat you like crap or don’t give you the respect you wished they would give you… it kinda doesn’t matter anymore, right? You are sitting on all this money… they have no idea and nothing they do can mess with how insanely amazing your life is going right now. THAT is the mindset. The I am “untouchable” mind set! You suddenly feel like you have this power and this confidence… but that is all completely within YOU. It has nothing to do with anyone else around you or how they treat you. 

I believe that THAT is how God wants His children to view life! We are sitting on the most incredible gift that could have ever been given! Christ. And you can truly have anything and ALL that you ask for! I believe that whole heartedly. So why don’t we use it? Why is it that we have to look at a power ball and hope to win all this money when at any second God can allow one of your dreams to come to pass? Am I saying pray for a Lambo and one might appear? No (Although, who knows lol). But what I am saying is this… If you have a dream … don’t approach it like it’s so far away. Start planning for it like you already have the finances and opportunity to make it happen. 

(example)                                                                                                                                                I really want to start a Church/Bible study facility. Los and I have been talking about it for so long… but we just keep saying “When we have more money lets do this.”, but then we just leave it at that. I think that’s the totally wrong approach. WE have to start planning like we already have the finances for it. Where do we want it? What do we want it to look like? How big do we want it to be? Who is going to be on our team to help us run it? What programs will we offer?  ALL of the planning needs to happen now! And we need to be in prayer about it constantly! I wanna show God that I believe HE will provide and that I can and will put the work into my faith. 

James 2:17 - Faith without works is dead.

So we can say that we believe that God will provide all we want… but what our we doing on our end to prove that we really mean that? Are we planning? Are we allowing God to guide our hearts? When you have a God centered heart, more often than not, your goals line up with God’s plan for you… and prayers get answered! 

(The Holy Spirit can help guide you with this.)

There was an interesting question during our AskLexLos. Someone wanted to know if we had prayers that God didn’t answer only to find that there was something better waiting for us. Listen, God answers ALL of your prayers :) He just might not do it how you want Him to. Haha. You can say “I want this” but His response may be “I won’t give you that now… because I have something better for you… but you have to wait a year.” 

IF we knew God’s timeline for us I feel like we would live so differently. So much more at peace. If you knew that on that after 10 no’s the 11th no would be a yes… you would almost be looking forward to the no’s. haha… Get them out of the way! My yes is coming!!! 

How do we stay consistent in THAT mindset. That billion dollar mindset where you can do anything and everything and have no limits to your dreams! Faith, works, and prayer. Believe it… work towards it… and pray that you are on the right path and that God will bless your vision!     God will always provide! 

Okay, now on to your words. THIS is huge. I think mindset is huge but I feel like we don’t realize how often we speak defeat over ourselves and I want to change the way we speak.             Proverbs 18:21 - Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

So, we read that, we've heard it… buuuuuuuttttt we don’t REALLY believe it. IF we did we would speak so differently! 

How often do you say (whether you mean it or not) “I’m so stupid” or “I’m fat” or “That will never happen”. ALL of these things are holding you back!!!

I repeat You are holding yourself back with how you speak!!!!

Stay positive. No matter how horrible your situation is… no matter how much the odds are stacked against you… speak LIFE into your situation. 

When everyone was talking about the Power Ball… instead of saying how impossible it was to win they should’ve said “Why not me?”.

When you stay positive (especially during the tough times) you gain so much more. God knows and see’s it all. He knows your heart. He knows how hard things can be for you. But when you stay in faith and continue to be a shining light for His kingdom… GREAT BLESSINGS WILL COME!!!

Look at Job. He was this guy who had incredibly great faith. He had everything he needed in life and was so happy. Then he was tested. He lost everything he had. Family, finances, his health… It could not have been any harder for Job… yet he stayed in faith… knowing that God was always there (whether he “felt” Him or not) and he knew that God would provide. His faith showed the love in his heart for the Kingdom. After years of difficulties and hardships God saw that his heart was still unchanged and that Job truly loved God and had Faith that He would always provide no matter the circumstances. Job was then given double the blessings in everything that he had lost. His life was BEYOND better than before. Better than he could've ever imagined!!! 

Do you see? Everything is a test of our character. Who we are during difficult times shows truly where our faith lies. Start looking at everything as a great test. Look at it as an opportunity to prove your love! 

(My prayer when dealing with people)                                                                                          “Okay God… this person is really hurting my feelings with how they are handling this situation… but I am going to keep being graceful and loving and kind. I forgive them for their actions and I ask You to forgive me for any negative thoughts I may have had. Please just give me the strength to over come any feelings that I know aren’t true. How they see me is not what is important… it is how You see me. Who I am through You defines me.”

I know this was long and maybe kind of loaded but I hope it was helpful. It was on my heart and I wanted to share it with you :)

I do believe we can strengthen one another and lift each other up. So I hope this sharpened you and strengthened you!


As iron Sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17


This is my "winning" face. Cuz, you know, popcorn. :D