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A New Perspective

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. -Psalm 95:2

Hello everyone!!! So exited for our new blog adventures. Los and I have been wanting to find a way to stay more connected with you guys and I think we have finally found a solution! 

Firstly, I want to go back to the verse up top! Whoever you are...Wherever you are... In whatever circumstance you are in... Give thanks and rejoice! I think it is so easy to be consumed by the world and all of its noise and clutter! There are so many distractions taking us a way from the beauty that is all around us. Believe me... I totally fall into that trap. But I love that we have surrounded ourselves with the most amazing friends who constantly remind us of the great work God is doing in all of our lives! So, on days that seem harder... weeks that you feel like will never end... JUST KNOW that God is stretching you to your full capacity. Think of it like a bow and arrow. The bow has to be pulled back so far in order to propel the arrow forward to its destination. May we all allow God to stretch us to our limits so that when we are ready... we are released flying forward, so quickly, with so much power and strength, that nothing can stop us!

The Adventurers sailing trip completely changed my perspective. It was an eye opening and such a HEART opening experience. We were all being stretched on the trip and God was putting it on our hearts that we are called to do more and be more! We met so many beautiful people with so many different ways of living. Learning about culture from island to island and experiencing LIFE in whole new way was FREEING!!! We were only gone for 12 days but it felt like 3 months. It was as if time slowed down where we were. We were able to take in every moment and soak in it. THIS is something I want to learn to do here at home. I feel like days fly by here and before you know it weeks have come and gone and we have hardly anything to show for it! I want to use my time wisely. Time is a gift. It is as valuable as you make it. May we use the time we have to be a light in this world and love as Jesus loved. :)

This week we had a beautiful time being home! Enjoying the blessings all around us! Lots of changes around Casa PenaVega... but very very important ones! Los already spilled the beans... but I am soooooo excited to say that we will be having a new addition to the house hold! A little friend for Syd!!! We have been going back and forth about another dog for a while now and finally just went for it!!! Can't wait to post the photos when she comes in!

This Saturday I get my wisdom teeth pulled!!! Ahhhhh. I am going to have to take away every recording device Los has! LOL I'm not too worried about the procedure... I'm just not looking forward to the groggy after feeling!!! Praying for a quick healing so I can jump right back into being productive! 

Anyways, thank you guys for always being so supportive and up lifting. I love you guys and am so happy to finally be blogging!